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Bryan Grosnick has been finding new ways to think and write about baseball for several years in both print and online publications. He is currently an author of Baseball Prospectus, one of the sport’s leading analytical outlets, and has contributed to the best-selling Baseball Prospectus Annual for the last three years. He has appeared on the MLB Network television programs MLB Now and Clubhouse Confidential as a commentator and analyst, as well as serving as the former Managing Editor of well-respected sabermetric outlet Beyond the Box Score for Vox Media’s SB Nation.

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Update - August 16, 2017

The Research section of the site is finally up! All that lives there for now is a link out to my McEwing Score spreadsheet (years 2010-2016), but I'm hoping for some exciting new content here sooner rather than later. In the meantime, check out everything you could ever want to know about positional flexibility in the '10s!

Update - August 7, 2017

This year's SaberSeminar was an incredible, fascinating event with the added bonus of being for a good cause. It was wonderful to meet so many talented and kind indivduals. Special thanks to everyone who came out and stuck around for my presentation ... and my slides are available in PDF format here. Also, here's a link to some related work at Baseball Prospectus: Welcoming Instructional Design into Player Development.

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