Research and Data

Bryan has taken the time to develop several data-driven, statistical measures related to baseball. Some are useful, some are more ... let's say whimsical ... but all of them are worthwhile. Here are a few specific areas of research and data related to the game.

McEwing Score

Over the past few years, Bryan has tracked players' positional flexibility using a metric called the McEwing Score or McE for short. This metric tracks the number of positions a fielder has played more than once in a season, and assigns a numerical value to each position based on how much value a defensive player has at that spot.

While there's currently no simple or easy way to display this data visually here on the site, the raw McEwing Score data from 2010 through 2016 can be found in spreadsheet format here.

McEwing Score Spreasheet View

The WAR Index